Most active and engaged people engaged in product development teams from Cyprus and other European countries - highly qualified professionals open to new connections, knowledge sharing and opportunities for growth.
The Productcamp community
Developers · Product Managers · Analysts · Team Leaders
Developers · Product Managers · Analysts · and Team Leaders
Developers · Product Managers · Analysts · and Team Leaders
Developers · Product Managers · Analysts · and Team Leaders
We will meet the beautiful early spring at a cozy venue with 3 stages, several partners' stands and many informal activities. You'll be able to find something fun and productive anytime.
How it will HAPPEN.
Tracks and themes
The 3 stages for this camp are “Product management”, “Development”, “Team and Career” with 12 tracks making them up.
As always, community decides on the tracks and topics.

Join us, apply to become a speaker, partner with us, suggest topics, and vote for them.
The industry people were fascinated by the unusual format in which they could decide the agenda, become a speaker, vote for presentations and participate in the event's organization.
Originally created in California as a ffranchise of events, over the last 14 years Productсamp has been developed into a truly global community of IT professionals comprised of over 50 000 people.
This is why Productcamp isn't losing its relevance and remains a space without passive listeners, but with deep networking, informal communication, and professional audiences
ProductCamp not just ANOTHER confERENCE
The community created by our team has more than 25,000 highly engaged members. These are product managers, developers, team leads, analysts, marketers, product designers, founders and other product development specialists.
About THE Camp community
We meet at Productcamp, Devscamp, TeamLeadCamp and other meetups in Europe and Asia. And between events, we stay in touch thanks to the DGTL Cast platform and in a closed community on Slack.
For 12 years, our team has been creating unique professional informal events for product development specialists.
About the organizer and events